A Tad Monochromatic Again

A meal of yellowish food…  I did want to have peas but we didn’t have any in the freezer so sweetcorn it was as we’re all getting a little tired of carrots being our go to side vegetable.

This meal came from two blogs that I read.  The potatoes are from Cake Maker to the Stars and the blog post suggests coating your potatoes in potato starch before baking them as it’s supposed to make them mega crunchy.  I tried it with potato flour and it didn’t really do much so I guess it does need to be just the starch.  You can’t really loose with wedges though and Jim ate enough for 3 people much larger than him so they must have been ok!

The nuggets are from Joanna Vaught.  I’ve been reading Joanna’s various blogs for years now and I adore her cookbook Yellow Rose Recipes (there are scant few, if any, copies left for sale now so if you see one seriously grab it, mine is so covered in cooking spills that pages get stuck together) and have bought her zines too (although for some reason I buy zines and never seem to cook from them, must try to remedy that at some p0int).  These nuggets were pretty good, although as you can see from the picture I kind of made giant nuggets rather than usual size ones, I now know how much of the mixture to use for each nugget next time!

The only change I made to the nugget recipe was to add an extra 1/4 cup of vital wheat gluten as my mixture was seriously wet without it.  I find that often I will need a bit more vwg as the UK one doesn’t seem to be quite as absorbent as the US one or it’s milled to a different consistency or something, anyway, I often add more of it.

Piggle loved these nuggets so much that when he saw me going to put the leftovers in the freezer he told me no, he wanted them in his lunchbox the next day.  After having them for lunch he also ate another one with his dinner that night so I guess he really likes them!


One thought on “A Tad Monochromatic Again

  1. Hi Anna! The nuggets are wet, sometimes even a little drippy, before they’re rolled in coating. That helps the coating stick and gives the nuggets more moisture as they cook.

    Thanks for all the nice compliments!

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