Spicy Cajun Lentil Patties

Ok, so mine weren’t Cajun, I used Creole spice in them that I’d made for another recipe somewhere in the very distant past judging by the way it had gone solid in the jar.  Just wanted to be up front about the spicing there..

This was Jim’s plate, thus I carefully counted out the number of pieces of broccoli I gave him because he will not eat more than his age (I’m mean and make my kids eat as many brussel sprouts/broccoli ‘trees’ etc as they are years old, even meaner to Piggle as he can’t count very well so I often make him eat 5 and he’s only 4).  The potatoes were cooked with garlic powder and some nutritional yeast and the boys wolfed them down so they are a keeper.

The patty recipe came from Heathen Vegan early on in Vegan MoFo.  I’ve tried to make lentil burgers in the past and it resulted in an ugly incident where I was so furious with how badly it had gone that I broke the pen I was writing rude things across the recipe book with…  These went much better and no writing instruments were destroyed.

There are veggies in these which is nice (mushroom, onion, garlic and carrot) along with the lentils and spices.  I didn’t find them particularly spicy but I think that was probably the difference in spices.  I actually didn’t change anything in this recipe which is novel, although I will admit I may have been a bit more liberal with the vegetables than the measurements given, but I always am (what is the point of leaving 5 mushrooms in the fridge?!?).

I even started dinner early and left the mixture to cool before frying them which I think helped them stick together a bit better.  They were still really soft though and the kids squashed them whilst trying to eat them in buns, they may be better eaten with a knife and fork, although mine was very nice with ketchup and mustard.

The recipe did indeed make the 9 patties it says it does so I have frozen the leftovers for future use.  I think I will reheat them in the oven so they don’t fall to pieces.

The boys enjoyed these as well so the recipe will get stuck in my notebook for future use.



One thought on “Spicy Cajun Lentil Patties

  1. i read with interest your spicy cajun lentil patties as i make lentil patties and am always looking for something different to make. here is the recipe if you are interested

    1 cup lentils or (1/2 cup lentils / 1/2 split peas)
    1 onion
    1 tomato
    1 egg
    1/2 – 1 green pepper (optional)
    flour to thicken
    Salt to taste

    Boil lentils, onion, green pepper and tomato together until soft. The water level must be about 2cm above the lentils when you start boiling it. Once cooked leave to cool down. Do not pour the water off. Add egg and stir into mixture, add flour and stir through until mixture reaches a drop consistency. Heat a little oil and drop these patties into the hot oil. They must turn brown and crispy before you turn them and fry them on the other side or they will break up. You can have them as vegetarian hamburgers with egg and tomato on top or I like to serve with vegetables and cream as a vegetable bake. Also you can eat them as they are with a mushroom sauce poured over them or served on sandwiches for the kids with tomato sauce the next day, best enjoyed hot or cold.

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