Recipe Testing

Jim and I are testing for Joni’s Vegan Food Gifts book and we’re both very excited about it!  It has brought out Jim’s competitive side though as he wants to be the first to test everything and to test as many as he can so he’s sure to get a copy of the book with his name in it!

First up we did some Italian Spiced Parm-y Sprinkles which were very tasty, Piggle was actually eating just the sprinkles rather than the pasta for his dinner the night we tried this.

We also have made some Espresso Chocolate Chip Cakes which gave me the great excuse to buy a bottle of Kahlua which I’ve been enjoying drinking!

This cake was lovely and I’m glad I put the second one in the freezer or else I’d have eaten it by now for sure.

I’ve got the ingredients for some Lemon Poppyseed Cake on the counter that I’m looking forward to putting together soon.  I love having a good reason to make cake!


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