Vegan Sour Cream and Green Tomatillo Sauce

I can’t buy the Tofutti Sour Cream without driving out of my way and I really wasn’t all that impressed with it when I tried it, the texture was all wrong and it was far too sweet for me so I decided to try making some myself as it’s required for the cake baking and we were having Mexican-ish food for dinner.  This recipe was really easy and came out really nicely.  I did add more vinegar (I used brown rice vinegar as I don’t have white in the house) and more lemon juice as it was too sweet for me (am I the only vegan who doesn’t remember sour cream being sweet in any way at all?) and it was great.  The boys weren’t too keen on it which I’m not surprised about as it’s quite a grown up taste but I’m sure they won’t turn their noses up at the cake it goes in!

Jim and I grew some Tomatillo seedlings and then passed them to my Mum to go in her greenhouse.  I ended up with 2lbs of them and no idea what to use them for so I pulled out Viva Vegan, which I’ve never used before, and tried the Green Tomatillo Sauce recipe.  I hugely reduced the chilis in it and didn’t add cilantro leaves as I hate them but besides that I stuck to the recipe and the method having never cooked with tomatillos before.  I came out with 3 1 1/2 cup portions of sauce (I made one and a half times the recipe) which I stuck in the freezer until I could decide what to do with them.

Last night I decided we’d do something Mexicany and quick after parent teacher night at school so Jim whipped up some Melty White Cheese sauce (using too much flour but he got everything else right) and I sautéed up some peppers, onions and Coriander Seitan Cutlets and then threw in a bag of the sauce.

There is a layer of corn tortillas, layer of refried beans (from a tin), tortillas, layer of melty cheese sauce, tortillas, layer of the vegetables and seitan with sauce, tortillas and then the rest of the sauce on top.  It went in the oven for about 20 minutes until heated through and it was really nice.  The boys both liked the sauce as did I so should we ever grow or come across tomatillos again I will be sure to dig out this recipe again.  It was really nice to have a sauce that wasn’t red for a change!

In case you’ve never used tomatillos like I hadn’t don’t be tempted to taste one raw as I did.  It was horrible and gave no idea what the cooked flavour would be like.  Viva Vegan gives a good explanation of how to prepare them and this sauce really brings out the good flavour in them.


4 thoughts on “Vegan Sour Cream and Green Tomatillo Sauce

  1. I bet your sour cream is better than store bought, much better!

    And I really like the green tomatillo sauce from Viva Vegan! but I can only get tinned ones here until I grow my own!

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