Pot Pie Explosion

So, the basis for this meal is biscuits and the recipe suggests another recipe from the book, Bacon Onion Biscuits.  Sadly I had run out of the bacon bits that I made from 500 Vegan Recipes and don’t have any liquid smoke left (where can I find it in the UK anyone please??) so I just made onion biscuits.  These were lovely and I’ll be using the recipe the same way and with the addition of bacon bits in the future.

The boys loved the name of this recipe and very happily ate it all up.  Jim asked halfway through what was in it and I told him that I’d tell him when he was done.

You see, the main ingredient of the ‘filling’ is cauliflower and Jim hates cauliflower.  I have to basically blend it into something for him to eat it and not tell him it’s there.  When I did tell him he informed me that this is the only way he likes and will eat cauliflower so I guess I’m safe to make it again in the future!

It’s a very quick and simple meal and all the ingredients besides cauliflower are staples in this house.  You basically throw it all in one pot after steaming the cauliflower and then chuck it on top of the biscuits, easy peasy lemon squeezy as you will often hear around here.

This was the first outing for this book for some reason but I’m going to be pulling it out more in the future and trying to use it more as judging from these 2 recipes there will be some wonderful meals to discover in its pages.


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