Parsnippity Stew

I was so excited to see the parsnips return to the organic box after a good few months off.  I love the taste of them but haven’t managed to convince the boys that it’s great.  I really want to make more from this book as it’s so huge and I’m convinced I’m missing out on lots of great food from it so I was happy to find a recipe in the index with parsnips taking centre stage.

This is pretty much a standard winter stew with lots of parsnip in it.  I used 4 medium parsnips in it (the recipe calls for 6 of them!) and I’m not sure how much stew it’s intended to make as I had enough to freeze a whole other meals worth for us.  I used stock rather than white wine in it, mainly as I don’t have any wine in the house at all.  I also used a small harlequin squash that I’d roasted in it rather than pumpkin puree and that worked really well even though there was much more of it than the half a cup called for.

Piggle wolfed his down but I will admit that it was mainly as he was under the impression that the parsnips were all potatoes, I guess his cold must really have messed with his taste buds!  Jim wasn’t quite so keen but did manage a decent sized portion and I enjoyed it but thought that the parsnip was a teeny bit too much, I think next time I will use a little less in it but keep the squash content high.

Definitely a keeper, you can’t beat a good stew with crusty bread on a cold night and I’m sure there are plenty of those on the way…


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