Marrow with Hazelnut Stuffing and Apple Sauce

I said last week that we never get marrow in our organic box and then a giant one turned up a few days later!  This sucker weighed over 2kg (4.4 lbs) and as I only used half for this recipe my parents got to enjoy the rest of it.

I can’t recall seeing a recipe for marrow in an American cookbook so I went straight for Rose Elliot and went with what she suggested down to the roast potatoes and carrots on the side!

The stuffing is very simple, just nuts, breadcrumbs, herbs and onion fried in margarine.  I stuffed in as much as I could but my marrow was of the long skinny kind rather than the short fat kind which meant that it didn’t have a lot of room to stuff it.  I put the rest of the stuffing in a dish, added some water and let it sit for a little while and then threw it in the oven and it came out nicely.  Actually scraping out the marrow was easier than I thought too, I was a bit worried I would do damage to myself or the marrow as I’m not coordinated at the best of times.

I actually wasn’t convinced that the boys would eat this at all beyond the potatoes and carrots.  Jim, however, loved it, even the stuffing which was amazing as he’s not a fan of nuts at all.  Piggle was still suffering from a really bad cold but did manage to eat some and said it was tasty so I will make this again when we get another marrow (there wasn’t one in the next box and the season is probably over so I’m not sure we’ll see another until next year now).

The apple sauce I just chopped up a shit ton of apples (technical term, my fruit bowl was overflowing literally) and cooked them over a lowish heat with a little bit of water to get them going.  I ended up with 3 cups of it in the freezer (you can’t buy big jars of apple sauce over here like in the States, especially not organic) after we’d had some for dinner.  It went nicely with the marrow, Jim took some convincing to try it but once he did he enjoyed it.

Of course the next day we went to my parents house and came home with a carrier bag full of apples… Sigh

I would have liked to have served this with some gravy.  I’m not normally a gravy fan as I don’t like my roast potatoes to be soggy and I don’t like my meal to all taste of the same thing.  The Bisto veg gravy is really high in salt and chemically stuff though and I don’t know of another.  Can anyone recommend a not too fake traditional gravy mix or powder in the UK?


2 thoughts on “Marrow with Hazelnut Stuffing and Apple Sauce

  1. Ha! I’ve never heard of a marrow before, except for bone marrow. which nasty omni foodies in America actually eat. So I had to google “marrow vegetable U.K.” to figure out that it’s a type of squash! I knew you wouldn’t be eating bone marrow. Ha!

  2. I haven’t had marrow since omni days I don’t think. We had some sort of meat stuffed marrow with bechamel sauce, will have to veganize that one..I like the sound of a nutty filling. I tend to make gravy with veg stock, wine and herbs and corn starch to thicken, or isa’ scrummy chickpea gravy, I’m not into the mixes either.
    Also, your apple sauce reminded me of a great website I found a while back you might be interested in.
    Really great discount products and you can often pick up some good stuff (the stock is changing constantly). I ordered a bulk order of 12 500g jars of organic applesauce from them once and am still working through it!

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