Wheat-Meat Stroganoff, Seitan and Sour Cream

I’ve made this before but I am much better at making seitan now and I made proper sour cream instead of using yogurt like I did last time.

So, first up the seitan which was from Quick Fix Vegan

I used the baking method for this and it worked really well and was incredibly easy.  I made one and a half times the recipe so I could get a few meals worth in the freezer and probably should have cooked it a little longer as it was a tiny bit underdone in the middle.  However, as most recipes have you boiling or frying or otherwise cooking the seitan further before serving any under-doneness will be taken care of.

The sour cream I made was from Vegan Planet and it is my favourite to date.

It’s made using silken tofu so the consistency is just right and it’s not too sweet or too sour.  This will be my go to recipe until I find a better one.  My only issue with it is that it doesn’t use an entire box of silken tofu and I ended up throwing away the rest a week later as I couldn’t find anything to do with it…

So, finally, the main meal!

It be cold here, thus the steam (not helped by the fact that we’ve had no heating for a month…).  I treated the boys to some white pasta for a change as I wanted flat noodles with this.  There are mushrooms, onion and green pepper in there along with stock, tomato paste and paprika.  I used smoked paprika as I love it so and my other paprika is a little harsh in the heat stakes for us, need to find a different brand.

The boys both really enjoyed this version and Piggle in particular was very taken with the seitan which he’s not been before so it’s obviously a winner that will go into the seitan rotation from now on!


One thought on “Wheat-Meat Stroganoff, Seitan and Sour Cream

  1. This looks delicious… I think I’ll be making something similar this week. I haven’t had stroganoff since last summer, and I really enjoy it. As I opened a tub of Tofutti Sour Cream, this would be a good way to use it… this stuff is not even really good, and considering the price, I’ll make my own next time. And silken tofu recipes tastes better too me, and they are better for you… they just don’t stay good as long…. you should treat yourself to a smoothie with the rest of the silken tofu, or just mash it with a bit of oil, spices and add things like grated carrots, chopped celery to make a nice simple salad or sandwich filling.

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