Aloo Gobi and Chana Masala

Usually I will do a curry or some other kind of Indian dish and just throw it over rice.  The Aloo Gobi recipe here suggests a kind of Indian feast with the Chana Masala and other recipes so I figured what the hell, made both and served them with some Co-op Onion Bahjis (which were really spicy hot this time and they’re usually not and which I can’t spell).

I know I’ve cooked from this book before but it’s not showing up that I’ve posted about it, I think it was only stuffing though so even though I’ve had it for years it’s not been off the shelf many times.

The Aloo Gobi was nice, I used tinned tomatoes rather than fresh and half a fresh green chile in it rather than the 2 called for.  The boys enjoyed this and I thought it was nicely spiced.

The Chana Masala we weren’t so keen on though.  I obviously left out the cloves but if I ever make it again I will also leave out the cinnamon as I felt that it didn’t work well in this dish.  I will say that I’m not really a fan of cinnamon in savoury dishes though so it may just be me and you may love this dish as the recipe is written.  I also thought there was too much sugar in it (it calls for 2 Tbsps).

Both these recipes make a ton of food so if I use them again I’ve made a note to only make half (I only made half of the chickpea dish), I really didn’t fancy Indian food every single day for a week for my lunch.


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