Meatless Balls

I’ve mentioned these in a post before but they deserve a blog post of their own if only for the fact that whenever I say we’re having them for dinner Jim literally jumps for joy and cheers!

I quadruple the recipe which seems like a lot but in reality it is only 1 can of pumpkin plus a bit of tomato puree.  I made something like 36 balls from that amount which won’t last long considering that Jim ate 7 for dinner and Piggle had 4 and wanted more…  They freeze really well and Jim asked the next night when we could have them for dinner again.

I think of them as a sneaky way to get vegetables into kids.  You can’t taste the pumpkin so they don’t turn their noses up at it and stick some veg in the ‘red sauce’ as Jim calls it and you’re doing really well.

My copy of this book falls open to this page now!


2 thoughts on “Meatless Balls

  1. I only made this once with the apple sauce version and we loved them. Next time someone gives me a bag of apples I’m going to make them again. Thanks for the reminder. We had them in a sub.

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