Seitan Milanese with Roasted Parsnips and Carrots

This was a super simple but super tasty dinner!  The Seitan is very fast to do, I used some of the Quick Fix Vegan seitan from the freezer and literally all you do is coat it with a panko mix and then fry it and serve with some lemon on the side.  The boys didn’t want any lemon on theirs but they were desperate to eat their vegetables so they could have the extra piece of seitan that was left (I’m not above bribery, seconds are only served after all vegetables have been consumed, not the potatoes, I’m not dictatorial about those).

The roasted vegetables from Big Vegan were very nice although I don’t think there was enough oil to get a really good roast going so I will add more next time.  The garlic and then thyme (really WordPress dictionary, you don’t know the word thyme??) in it were nice additions.  The main issue with this dish though is that it just doesn’t make enough as written.  It says that it will serve 4 adults and we ate the entire lot between 1 adult, an 8 year old and a 4 year old who doesn’t like parsnips.  If you’re serious about your vegetable consumption make sure you double it if you’re trying to feed 4 adults!


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