Masala Tofu and Curried Cabbage and Peas

More cabbage to find a use for!  We also had lots of tofu in the fridge so baked tofu was in order (Jim’s favourite) and I stumbled across this recipe whilst looking up the Masala Tofu recipe that we’ve used before.

It’s incredibly simple and quick and very very tasty.  I used the garlic from the marinade in it rather than cutting up more garlic and throwing that down the sink, besides that I did exactly what I was told besides using 1/2 a tablespoon of curry powder rather than 2 full ones.  I think maybe curry powder is like chili powder, a lot hotter over here than in the States.

Anyway, this meal in general is a keeper, Jim finished off a whole block of Taifun tofu on his own including coming back for the leftovers before bed which is compliment indeed from a boy who will tell you he doesn’t like curry…


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