Curried Cauliflower Soup

This soup didn’t do it for me.  I’ve eaten a lot of vegetable soups in my time and a lot of curried soups but there was something about the spicing of this that just didn’t fit my tastes.

I’m sure it will work for other people, obviously we all like different flavours otherwise there’d only be one cookbook and we’d all make the same stuff…

Anyway, we’re back to soup on Sundays now the weather has gone colder.  My Mum funnily does the same thing, although they have soup for lunch and then a proper Sunday dinner whereas for us the soup is dinner (cook 2 meals in one day, do I look like a machine with nothing better to do??).

The spices and method are pretty standard in this besides roasting the cauliflower, I guess maybe it’s the proportions of spices one to another that were odd to me.

I have hundreds of soup recipes though so I’m not mourning the loss of this one, if we loved them all we’d never get to try new ones because we’d be too busy repeating them!


So, what do you think?

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