Savory Noodle Kugel Burgers and Plain White Buns

I don’t make a lot of ‘proper’ bread, I’m more a quick bread or biscuit kind of a girl.  I used to bake our bread but Jim refused to eat it so I went back to the shop bought stuff (and now he asks me why I don’t bake bread, can’t win…).  I do like to have a dabble every now and again though and these rolls seemed simple enough with only one rise so off I went.  They are quick enough to make after school and have them for dinner which is good as I forgot to make them earlier in the day.

I found that the dough was far too wet using just the amount of flour that the recipe called for (I know it was right as I measured it twice as I lost count the first time!).  I can only think that my flour has a different absorption rate than Joni’s does.  Usually, if anything, I’m heavy on the flour as I use the overfill the cup and shake it method of measuring rather than scoop and scrape…  After I added more flour (we’re talking over half a cup) the dough seemed fine though.

The shape and rise of these rolls might have been better were my house not so cold and had the cat not decided to sit on them whilst they were rising…  They came out really well despite that though and they were very tasty, you just can’t beat home-baked bread.  They aren’t lightweight rolls though, they are quite heavy things.  They lasted until the next day when Jim and I had one each but didn’t go any longer so next time I will freeze the leftovers.

Jim loves a burger and when I asked him if he wanted a burger with pasta in it he was over the moon.  I made half the recipe of this and was glad that I did as it made 6 burgers.  I don’t think with the pasta and potato in them that they would freeze well.

They are really simple burgers to make and I didn’t change anything in the recipe.  I used wholemeal macaroni and panko for the breadcrumbs and fried them actually timing them on each side to make sure that the potato was cooked through, 5 minutes on each side is perfect and what the recipe calls for.

I wasn’t sure what to serve these with, you’ve got all the starch you need in the burger and then it’s on bread so potatoes were out.  The comments suggest vegetables and my boys love peas, plus the burgers were hands on so I needed something easy like a frozen vegetable!

The boys adored these.  Piggle ate all of his and demanded another one, for some reason he kept calling it a pancake…  They both ate the one I served and then had half of a second. Jim enjoyed it so much that he took one for lunch the next day too!

We’ll come back to these for sure.


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