Pumpkin Scones

I can’t remember how I found the Cupcakes and Kale blog but it’s a goodie with lots of lovely pictures and nice recipes to try.  As I have a stack of tinned pumpkin in my kitchen (it’s on the counter as I can’t figure out where to store it…) when I saw this recipe I immediately wanted to give it a go so Jim and I made them after putting Piggle to bed one night (that boy loves to cook, he chose making these over the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…).

These are very easy and quick and my lord are they tasty.  I won’t say how long they lasted but I will say that it was an even shorter time than expected once Piggle discovered that he liked them too…  Jim wasn’t a fan but he did enjoy cooking them and did a really good job of making the glaze himself.

We’ll be making these again for sure, the only issue I had with them was that they leave about 2/3 of a tin of pumpkin spare, I guess I could always triple the recipe and either make huge scones or freeze them!


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