Chili Jam

We’ve been getting red chilis in the organic box all summer and they’ve just been piling up in the fridge.  I also had some in the freezer from last year that I’d never used as it’s hard to know how hot they’re going to be and the boys don’t like the kind of heat in their food that fresh chilis bring.

I wondered about making some kind of jelly from them and upon Googeling it I came across this recipe on Nigela Lawson’s website.  It seemed simple enough so I finally got around to giving it a go.

I have made quite a bit of jam and jelly over the years but I’ve not used jam sugar before and I have to say I’m not all that impressed.  I followed the instructions fully but it’s not set as solidly as I’d like it to and the chili pieces have mainly floated to the top.  My Mum says that neither she or my Gran have had good results with jam sugar in the past so I think in the future I’ll just stick with regular sugar and lemon juice.

My chilis didn’t seem to want to be chopped into nice small pieces when I stuck them in the food processor.  I’m assuming that this was because some were quite old and the defrosted ones were quite soft.

I seriously had chili juice under all my nails after deseeding about 20 of the things.  I threw in some jalapenos that a friend of my sister’s gave me too as I didn’t have as many red ones as the recipe called for.  I must have washed my hands 10 times in the space of an evening but the next day they were still chili-y.

So, the verdict?  This stuff is far too hot for me to eat.  I had hoped that the vinegar and a whole bag of sugar would temper the heat a bit but it hasn’t and I think I will be distributing these 7 jars to anyone and everyone who feels they can deal with that level of heat.  I couldn’t even tell you if it tastes nice or not because  as soon as I tried some my mouth was on fire and my taste buds ceased to function beyond responding to the pain…


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