Chocolate Oatmeal

I am currently in love with The Vegan Slow Cooker cookbook.  There are so many yummy sounding things in there and I do love the ease of a slow cooker.  Even if I’m at home it’s nice to have a day without that 5pm ‘shit I have to go and cook now’ feeling.  Even though I love to cook I don’t always love the fact that I HAVE to cook, so getting it done early in the day when I still have some motivation is great.

I wanted to have oatmeal for breakfast from the slow cooker so much that I bought a 1.5 litre cute as anything slow cooker with my Birthday money.  It arrived yesterday, was tested out in the afternoon to make sure it wouldn’t burn the house down around us and then left on all night to cook our breakfast.

The book looks like I’ve owned it for years rather than having only been used once thanks to Jim doing the measuring of the dry ingredients for me so all I had to do was throw in water, stir and turn it on before going to bed.

I am not really a chocolate fan.  Give me crispy savoury snacks any day over chocolate, but this oatmeal was damn nice and it’s not even unhealthy!  It’s made using water as the main liquid and cocoa powder.  It calls for stevia which we don’t have so I, or rather Jim at my suggestion, added a few tablespoons of sugar.  We served it with vanilla soya milk and some agave.

The boys enjoyed this, Jim not as much as I thought he would but having Aspergers Syndrome he can be a real stickler for routine so even though he liked the idea of chocolate for breakfast it’s probably something he’d have to get used to.  It filled them up more quickly than expensive cereal too (and me!).  I made 1.5 times the recipe thinking they would want to eat tons but the regular recipe amount is enough for the 3 of us.

It was lovely to get up and just have to get out bowls for a warm breakfast and I just turned it onto the warm setting after serving the boys so mine wouldn’t be dried out and burnt when I got home from dropping them at school (I like to eat my breakfast in peace rather than whilst trying to get them ready and out the door!).

I’ve got some main meals lined up from this book and we’re going to make plain oatmeal to have with bananas next week too!


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