Yeah, I can never wait for it to ‘set’ before serving, when it’s done I want to eat it right away…

There was Twitter talk of lasagna (WordPress wants it spelt with an a so I will let it) and of course that made me want to eat it.  I decided that rather than doing my slightly more healthy version I was going for the cheese version this time so I got some Cheezly melting mozzarella and away I went.

Jim made the Tofu Ricotta using the recipe from Veganomicon.  It took him just about as long to crumble the tofu to his satisfaction as it did for me to make the sauce…  I just did my basic red pasta sauce with whatever vegetables were there (mushroom, pepper, onion and a ton of garlic).  The lasagna sheets are ones that don’t require pre-cooking and they’re wholemeal and organic.

I just put a little sauce in the bottom before my first layer of noodles and then threw all the tofu ricotta in as one layer and then did 2 layers of the red sauce with a bit of the cheese grated in and then used the Vcon trick of adding a cup of water over the top for the noodles to absorb.  After it had cooked for a bit I grated the rest of the cheese on top.

Usually I freeze half a lasagna for a future meal, this time there was only enough left for me to have for lunch the next day so I guess it was popular!


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