Testing Again

I swear I’ve gained several pounds since starting to test for Vegan Food Gifts and I have the ingredients for 3 different types of cookies on my kitchen counter still.  It’s been tasty though, these are the two latest recipes we’ve tried (I’m a little behind in my testing cooking, thus having so many cookies to make).

These are chocolate peanut butter balls and I will not even admit to how quickly Piggle and I ate all of them (luckily I decided to halve the recipe or we’d have been ill).  They are like Reeses but bigger and chunkier and nicerer.

This is a snack mix done two ways. The first is coated with peanut butter and chocolate and then covered in powdered sugar.  The second batch is spicy and hot and already gone as I’m a savoury girl for sure.  Again I’m so glad that I halved the recipe (and the halved that again to try the different types) or else I would be laying on the sofa holding my stomach with one hand whilst still shovelling it into my mouth with the other.

I’d never melted chocolate in a double boiler that I could remember and there I was doing it two days in a row.  Turns out I have a Pyrex dish that fits absolutely perfectly into the top of my medium saucepan.  Little things please little minds…


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