Special Spicy Empanadas with Salvadorian Marinated Slaw (Curdito)

I’d never made an empanada before and I know these weren’t particularly authentic but they were very tasty, enjoyable and easy.  Nothing like throwing some filling into defrosted puff pastry and calling it dinner!  The filling had onion, garlic, spices and herbs, sweet potato (mine was white when I peeled it, I was very surprised!), pinto beans, corn and chiles in it and it was nice and spicy without being too hot, just how we like it.  Piggle would tackle you for some pastry so he was happy when I served this up.

I asked on Twitter what to serve with them and was directed to this slaw recipe from Viva Vegan.  It involved pressing the salad and I’m not convinced that I had enough weight on it as the texture didn’t seem to change all that much from how it started out.  Jim loved the slaw (he hates all salad besides coleslaw…) and had several helpings and we all enjoyed the empenadas so both these recipes will be used again.


So, what do you think?

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