Potato and Kale Soup with Quick Herb Bread

More soup, it’s definitely soup weather here now! This was a really tasty soup and I followed the recipe completely except when it came to cooking the kale.  It said to cook it for 15 to 20 minutes which I think is far too long for any leafy vegetable so I did it for about 10 and it was perfect.

The notes at the top of the recipe suggested adding sliced sausage to it but I didn’t have any so I put in some cubed seitan from the freezer.  The soup really didn’t require it though and I think it made it a bit too much, next time I will just stick with the vegetables.

After having the last few things I’ve baked be too wet this bread mixture was too dry.  I knew it was too dry and I put it in the oven and cooked it anyway thereby giving us a brick rather than a loaf of bread to eat with our soup.  Luckily both boys dip their bread into their soup which stopped it choking them!  The taste of this was lovely though so I will try it again in the future and make sure that I make the mixture wetter.

I believe the dryness to be totally my own fault and nothing to do with the recipe.  I replaced the flour with spelt flour as the note before the recipe says you can do.  However, I use brown spelt flour not the white so I should have changed the amount of liquid accordingly.  Like I said, I knew what to do and I knew it needed it and I still ignored myself and messed it up.  Some days that’s just the way it goes…


One thought on “Potato and Kale Soup with Quick Herb Bread

  1. That soup looks marvellous. Kale and potatoes in soup is always a great match. Too bad for your bread… at least, when it goes with soup, you can soak it in it. There’s a recipe called Ribollita in Vegan Plat, which is basically a cabbage and white bean soup that you pour over bread. It’s yummy.

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