Stuffed Marrow Take 2

I found this in the freezer at my health food shop (I don’t own it but I probably pay the weekly rent with the amount I spend in there…).  It was really reasonably priced so I brought it home and pondered what to do with it beyond the obvious making of sausage rolls.

When another marrow arrived in the box (this one a much more petite than the last) I decided that I would use the mock sausage meat as part of the stuffing.  I remembered that I had bought a box of organic sage and onion stuffing from Sainsburys a few months back purely because it was vegan, organic and there.  I decided to mix that with the sausage meat and hope for the best.

I wet the stuffing mix a bit (you don’t need the full amount of water as the juice from the marrow and the sausage meat will provide liquid), mixed in the sausage stuff and then stuck it all inside the marrow (which was a pain the ass for someone with carpel tunnel and no coordination to hollow out I can tell you) and then cooked it using the method from the recipe I used last time (peeled it and wrapped it in greaseproof paper with some marj on it for about 45 minutes).

I threw in the potatoes to roast as I had the oven on already and yes, I should have served peas once again rather than sweetcorn (when I think frozen vegetable I think sweetcorn…) to avoid the ‘yellow for dinner’ feel but this meal was absolutely incredibly tasty.  The boys wolfed it all down, including the marrow itself and we all had seconds of the marrow too.

I wish marrow season wasn’t over as I’ve enjoyed cooking the two I’ve had.  I guess there’s always next year to plan for and look forward to though!


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