Bryanna’s Vegan Pumpkin Pie

I was required to bring pumpkin pie to our family’s Thanksgiving dinner which was held on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  As I was out on the Saturday I made the pie on the Friday and put it in the fridge hoping that it would still be ok 2 days later.

I can’t remember ever making pumpkin pie before.  I’m sure I helped my Mother to do it when I was a kid but pastry was always my older sisters job and I’ve never been much of a pastry maker so I was a little worried about the crust.  I pulled out Vegan Pie in the Sky which had arrived a few days earlier and did the Single crust which came out wonderfully well and was very easy to put together.  I definitely want to have a go at more pies now I am no longer intimidated by pastry (I know there’s no reason to be intimidated by it but it’s like anything you’re not used to doing, a little bit scary).

I considered the VPitS pumpkin pie recipe but decided against it for 2 reasons.  Firstly (actually this is a multi-part first reason!) maple syrup is hugely expensive over here, we’re talking $8 for about a cup of it so there’s no way I am putting half a cup of the stuff into a pie I’ve never tried before.  Also, I don’t think maple flavour has any place in pumpkin pie.  That, however, is probably because it’s not a flavour in the pie I grew up eating, it may be ok, but it’s not how I want my pie to taste.  I could have replaced the maple syrup with another liquid sweetener were it not for reason number two.  I have only ever found agar flakes in the UK.  As far as I am aware agar powder is not readily available and even if it were, judging by the price of the flakes it is not something I could afford (agar is about the same price as maple syrup but of course you get much less!).  I looked for info on agar in the book as the recipe called for powder and I thought maybe they would say I could put it in the blender or something but the only advice it gives on agar flakes is don’t use them at all which isn’t really all that helpful when it’s all you can get.  So, I hit Twitter and Google up for a recipe and found this one by Bryanna Clark Grogan who’s recipes I trust fully.

This was a super simple pie to make.  You just throw it all in the blender and then stick it in your pie crust and bake it, end of story.  Also it says that it needs to sit overnight so I figured that it would last ok for an extra day.  My only annoyance with this recipe is that it calls for 2 cups of pumpkin which is about a tin and a half which isn’t always convenient, luckily I had the leftover pumpkin the freezer from the scones I made.

Everyone at the dinner (the boys and I were the only non-omni’s) loved the pie except Jim which wasn’t a surprise.  We did not like the allspice in it so it has been crossed off the recipe and will never be added to it again as it was overpowering.  Piggle liked it so much he had seconds on the day and took some in his lunchbox the next day and asked if there was any left to take for lunch on the Tuesday!

Just writing about this pie is making me want to go and make another one, the texture was perfect and it was just so much like the one I grew up eating (if you ignored the allspice) it was amazing.

So, I now have a go to recipe for pumpkin pie!


One thought on “Bryanna’s Vegan Pumpkin Pie

  1. I will have to try Bryanna’s pumpkin pie!!

    As for agar flakes: I have only used the flakes (twice in pies from the book!), and they’ve always worked out great. The trick is to triple the amount (1 tsp agar powder = 3 tsp agar flakes) and to soak them in the liquid for the recipe about ten minutes before heating them up.

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