Baked Penne and Cauliflower with Cheesy Sauce

We enjoy a pasta bake around here and I sometimes if I mix it with pasta and a sauce I can get the boys to eat cauliflower so this recipe had our names all over it.

It’s a really nice mixture of flavours with the cauliflower, nutritional yeast, onion, garlic tomatoes, mustard, paprika, cheese and cashew cream.  Oddly enough once it was baked the flavours seemed more muted than I would have expected and I’m not sure why.  It still had a lovely flavour and reminded me of a dish I used to love as a vegetarian that mixed tomato with cottage cheese and pasta.

The cashew cheese recipe was pretty basic, I made a much smaller amount than the book said as this recipe only needs a small amount.  I had the leftovers of the cashew cream with the leftover pasta bake the next day and it did add a bit more taste to it so I may add a bit more of it next time I make this.

Jim really enjoyed it (he did try and get away with leaving all the cauliflower though) and Piggle liked what he tried but he’s getting over some sort of stomach virus so he’s not been eating much.

As I said, I’ll be making this again and I am more inclined to try a few more dishes from this book now too!


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