So, a while back now, the oil boiler in the house we rent died its final death.  When the landlord replaced it the old one got ripped out leaving me with a new space to fill in my kitchen.

I’ve actually bought myself a newer bigger freezer since then so this is not an up to date picture.  The cabinet means that I finally have all my serving bowls, soup bowls and general other china that I’ve collected over the years in a spot where I can use it.  It’s not actually all in there as I ran out of room in the cabinet, but at least it’s not all hidden away anymore.

The major underestimation came with the book case.  I ordered the biggest strongest one that I could find on the Ikea website.  It seemed really big, I was sure that I would have room for all my cookbooks with space to spare for new additions.  I was excited to put them on and get them sorted.

Not only are there books on top of each shelf but there are also books behind on each shelf.  Can you see how the shelves are bowing due to the weight of the books?  Not quite what I was after, especially as my collection grows by 2 plus books a month (this last month was a big vegan publishing month for some reason and I got about 6 new ones that I’d pre-ordered).

So, adding reason number 62 that I need to move, I really need to order another bookshelf…


2 thoughts on “Underestimation

  1. Ah… I see your collection is on a somewhat grander scale than mine! 😉
    I am interested to hear there have been lots of new vegan cookbooks recently – do share! I would have thought Amazon would have alerted me to them, from my history of similar purchases, but I have been blissfully unaware…

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