Blog Recipes

I’ve had some recipes printed from blogs hanging around on my counter for far too long so I gave them a go finally.

First up was Deli Slices from the blog The Life (someone else must have linked to it as I don’t actually read this blog, but it looks like it has some good stuff on it!).

This is Jim’s sandwich from lunch yesterday with the chunk I cut the slices from beside the plate.  I don’t have a honking big steamer so I made 2 smaller loaves of it and have cut them up into 3 pieces each and stuck them in the freezer.  I didn’t add the chipotle pepper to mine as there is no way anyone in this house would be able to eat it with that much pepper in it.  I added 1tsp of chili powder instead and with the black pepper in the recipe that gives it enough kick for us.

I think it’s a bit of an odd texture, it’s not the same as other seitan I’ve made and with all the herbs it sort of reminds me of stuffing.  It’s tasty though and both the boys have eaten it and said it’s nice so I may end up making it again when we’ve finished our stocks.  As it makes so much it’s also hugely cheaper than buying slices from the shop.  I actually got food poisoning from some Redwood slices that had been open in the fridge too long so I can’t face them any more anyway!

The other recipe I’ve been wanting to try is Smoky Chickpeas from this salad recipe by Robin Robertson.  They just sounded really tasty and a different way of getting a bacony flavour (I don’t like tempeh and can never be bothered to do tofu bacon).

These were so simple to make that Jim did most of the work.  As we’re big chickpea fans we doubled the recipe (helps Jim work on his fractions and math).  I served them on the side with dinner last night and have been opening the container in the fridge today to have a few here and there.  I also had them in a sandwich with some hummous (how do you spell that anyway?!?) to hold them in place and it was lovely.  I will be using this recipe over and over again for sure, I think they’d be nice on pizza or in a casserole or just to top a salad instead of crutons, anything you want a bacony flavour to, definite winner, but I wasn’t really expecting less from a RR recipe!


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