Day Two – French

This is Aubergine and Mushroom Ragout from A Vegan Taste of France.  I threw in 4 small courgettes as they had come in the vegetable box and I didn’t have any other plans for them this week, plus I don’t think you can ruin a dish by adding more vegetables to it!  I don’t think the recipe meant shiitake mushrooms when it called for dried ones but that’s all I had to hand so it’s what I used.  I also used a French wine in it (nothing fancy, just a Sainsburys’ house one) to stick with the theme.  The recipe said to serve it with rice or bread and s amy kids would attack you for a baguette I went with that option.

Other ingredients include tvp chunks (the recipe tells you how to reconstitute them but I just pulled some already reconstituted out of the freezer), mushrooms and aubergine (obviously), garlic, tomatoes and herbs.  I used a tin of drained chopped tomatoes as I didn’t have fresh having used them all up last night.  I also don’t have a bouquet garni so I threw in a few random herbs in random amounts.  I think it would have been better with the right herbage but I’m not going to buy bouquet garni just in case I want to make this again!

These books can be a little hit and miss and they’re quite old.  They’re also English so it’s all weights rather than cups which I find more fiddly.  They don’t have any index at all in them either which means that I very rarely use them as I don’t have the time or inclination to go through a whole book looking for something I might be able to make, indexes are my friends and I use the constantly so if a book has a bad one, or none at all, it tends to get pushed to the back and not used. This was a tasty meal though and pretty simple to make, plus it’s another way to use an aubergine as Jim seems to like them so much!

We had ice cream for pudding but I want to do a separate post on the ice cream I’ve made recently, plus I forgot to take a picture!

Back tomorrow should I not be too tired from all the cooking, it’s a much more involved meal…


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