Day Three – Not Really Mexican

I wanted to try something different for our Mexican night so I pulled out my not very often used coy of Viva Vegan and had a flick through.  I came across empanadas which I had wanted to try for ages so I decided this was a good time to give them a try even though they’re not really Mexican.  I made the dough in the morning and then made the filling and just put them together right before putting them in the oven using the press that I bought ages ago.  I got 22 of these from a single recipe of dough and filling.  There was a bit of filling left over which I had for lunch the next day.

The filling was the Shredded Seitan and Mushroom with Raising and Olives using seitan from one of my slow cooker books that I had in the freezer.  I was worried that the boys wouldn’t like the raisins and olives but Piggle ate 4 of these and Jim had 5 or 6 (I lost count!) and neither of them picked out any of the raisins or olives so it’s a winner because I thought it was great too.  I had a minute of stupidity when measuring the spices, I’d gotten out the half tsp and half Tbsp measure and of course I used the Tbsp by mistake.  However, it really didn’t seem to be over spiced at all so I’ve made a note to use Tbsps in the future (and to use 1 1/2 of cumin as I didn’t read the recipe properly, totally lost my mind there for a bit…).

Empanadas were easier to do than I’d thought and I will definitely do them again as they’ll be good to stick in the boys’ lunch boxes too.

I was going to do some slaw to go with this and then I got chard rather than cabbage in the vegetable box so I did the Swiss Chart with Raisins and Capers.  It says it’s a Spanish dish so there’s a tenuous link to Mexico there I guess!  This was also really tasty, although Jim did pick out the raisins from it.  I didn’t need to deglaze the pan as my chard was really juicy.  Another recipe I’ll use again, I’m glad to finally find things to make in this book as I’ve felt I should use it more.


So, what do you think?

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