Day Five – American

Sorry for the disappearing in the middle of posting about the International Food Week, ran out of blogging steam with all the cooking and then back to school rush etc etc etc.  It’s always easier to stop blogging than it is to do it regularly for some reason…

This meal was chosen by Piggle, trust a 5 year old to ask for hot dogs!  I did consider making the hot dogs myself, I’ve used the recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes several times and it’s a winner and then I realised that one night in a week of cooking non-stop I would appreciate the break so I bought some Frys hot dogs and called it good.

To go along with them we had potato salad kinda sorta like my Mother used to make.  Hers would have had a hard boiled egg in it and used Miracle Whip, mine used vegan mayo and obviously omitted the egg.  It also had some spring onions (Piggle loves them, I never thought I’d see a 5 year old stuffing spring onion into his mouth and asking for more) and peas in it.

As you can never have too many mayo based side dishes in one meal and as there was a small cabbage needing to be used I used the recipe from Vegan Diner as per usual.

The boys ate 3 hot dogs each and minimal salad and we all enjoyed the meal.


So, what do you think?

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