Bake and Destroy

Let’s pretend it’s not been almost a year since I last posted and jump right in ‘eh?

I recently got my copy of Bake and Destroy. I don’t read the blog and assumed from the title that it would be a baking book, which I like even though I don’t bake as much as I used to. The first section of the book is actually the baking stuff, cupcakes etc, but then you move into a great range of recipes which have taken this household by storm. We have cooked from this book for the last four nights, and when I say ‘we’ I mean Jim has had a hand in a lot of the cooking and he’s the one who pulls the book out every morning to decide what we’re making from it that night. I know we’re having pizza on Friday from it too as he’s already got that planned.

I don’t have pictures of the first 3 meals we made but we started with French Fry Tacos. That’s right, french fries in a soft taco. Then we did Totchos which are nachos using tater tots rather than tortilla chips (if you’re not already in the know, Morrisons does the closest thing you’ll find to tater tots in the UK, we used 2 bags for one meal as my boys can eat potato products like no one’s business, currently they’re £1 a bag). Last night we had Taco Lasagna, apparently we were on a Mexican type kick. I’ve made layered Mexican style casseroles before and this was right up there with the top ones.

Now, these meals probably sound incredibly unhealthy but one of the main things I love about this book is that they’re actually not. The cheese sauce used in two of the above meals is made with water and 1/4 cup of cashews, they all have vegetables in them, the frozen potato products are really the only unhealthy bits of the first two and the casserole had beans as well as vegetables in it, in fact they all had some kind of beans in them. So not only are they not totally unhealthy (although we won’t be eating all of them in one week again, we’re just enjoying the end of the summer holidays) but they’re fun too and the fun gets the kids to eat the bits they wouldn’t normally.

Tonight we made Samosa Potpie (I put my foot down at having anything Mexican inspired). I don’t tend to do pastry but the recipe in the book was really easy and quick. I realised early enough that there was going to be too much filling for a shallow pie dish so I pulled out an oven proof dish and used that instead and had enough pastry for it. Putting it together was really easy and quick which I’m pretty sure I’ve never said about a pie.


The recipe said to cook it for 45 minutes total, but as we were running late and the pastry looked cooked I only cooked it for 30. I served it with some roasted vegetables using up what we had on hand, I’m sure I made a recipe once for Indian inspired carrots but I can’t find the recipe so these were just plain. I used cabbage rather than spinach in the pie as that’s what was in my fridge from our organic box for this week.


It made tons and was really tasty, the pastry at the bottom wasn’t all soggy either which makes a change from previous pie making. We’ll definitely be making all four of the recipes we’ve tried from this book again and we’re looking forward to trying many more new ones.

And if you’re not inspired from all of the above then bear in mind that Celine Steen took the pictures so you know it’s going to be pretty (and there’s a forward by a rather nice looking wrestler in the front pictured sans most of his clothing, I hope Celine got to take that photo too)!


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