Spaghetti Cake

We’re still going from Bake and Destroy and will be for another couple of days yet as there are still lots of things we’re excited to try.

We like pasta here and we’d not had it for a while due to eating so many Mexican inspired meals (usually I have to limit the number of times I cook pasta each week so we don’t live on it). We had almost everything for this dish to hand, I just had to grab some mushrooms and olives. I also added a yellow pepper as I don’t think that it’s a proper meal unless it’s got at least three types of vegetable in it. I used brown linguine rather than spaghetti as that’s the type of long pasta I prefer and what I had in the house.


Basically you make sauce, boil pasta, make some tofu ricotta, mix together, throw a breadcrumb mixture on top and bake it, really simple. The sauce cooks for a long time and makes tons more than you’ll need for the recipe but I never complain about having pasta sauce in the freezer for those nights I just don’t want to cook.


Amusingly the recipe says it makes like 10 servings, she obviously has never fed growing boys. I cut it into four pieces and there wasn’t anything left on the plates at the end of the meal (Jim did finish a little of his brother’s but not much).

Again, like with the Samosa Pie, I didn’t do the last 15 minutes of the cooking time, I just baked it for half an hour uncovered as we like a bit of crispyness with our pasta bakes. I’ll definitely make this again and I’m sure there will be an argument over who gets the last piece for lunch, I might have to split it into 3!


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