A Bit More Baking and Destroying

So, the next dish that Jim picked from the book was a pizza as we have pizza night every other Friday night when the boys are with me for the weekend. Oddly for a boy who says he doesn’t like green beans he picked the Green Bean Casserole Pizza to try.

I made the crust from the book too just to try it. I’ve been making the one from Vegan With a Vengeance for years and years now and love it, but this one you do most of in the food processor which is great for my arthritic hands. It was a nice crust, possibly not quite as good at the VWaV one but I will have to try it again with regular toppings to tell for sure so I’ll give it a go next pizza night.


Basically it is what it says, green bean casserole, including the fried onions, on top of a pizza. It’s a tasty casserole and was enjoyable, however I think it’s more of a side dish for me rather than a main meal. I think it would be perfect made into mini pizzas quartered for a Thanksgiving or Christmas buffet and I will definitely try and find an occasion to make it again, even if I just make the casserole bit.

Next up were the Stuffin’ Muffins. We were supposed to have these with a soup but it went a little wrong and the boys ended up having 4 muffins each for dinner. However, as they’re cornbread muffins with some vegetables in them, it was the summer holidays and I rarely fail to provide a nutritious meal I didn’t feel too terrible about it and they enjoyed them a lot.


These are another definitely will make again, so tasty, perhaps a tiny bit sweet for me but I can live with it.

We’ve moved away from the book this week but I’m sure we’ll start going through it again soon!


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